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The diving club Wassermann Wels (TCWW) was founded in November 1987 as a charitable non-profit association. Colonel Hans Dworak (1940-2008) was essentially involved in its formation, definition of objectives and development. The first club president was Ing. Ulf Drugowitsch who was followed by Evelin Dworak in 1997. The diving club Wassermann Wels, located in the centre of Upper Austria, has about 200 members.

The diving club focuses on sport diving as a free time activity as well as diving education and competitive sports.

The diving education is carried out by state certified instructors, based on the international standards of CMAS (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques).

In competitive sports the focus lies on fin swimming and underwater orienteering. Apart from national events the contestants of the TCWW also participate in international competitions, especially in the field of underwater orienteering.

For further information on the club and its activities, please contact the president of the TCWW.

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